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Family-owned Manufacturer

Comparable Prices

Non-toxic Products For
Every Area Of Your Home and Life

Supports American
Jobs and Families

No Mainstream Advertising

Made in the USA

The Illusion of Choice

There are hundreds of consumer goods brands in our country and the vast majority of them are all owned and controlled by just a handful of mega-corporations. Even when you think you are buying natural products, in many cases those natural companies have been absorbed by these giant corporations.

Where Does Your Money Go?

Studies show that nearly 63% of the price you pay for consumer goods add no value to the end consumer. Billions of dollars each year is used to purchase advertising with media companies, fund distribution and big box stores. Spending that money on better, safer ingredients and a company that supports freedom is a better option.


Support America

Rather than supporting these mega-corporations with your purchases, choose to invest in companies that uphold the patriotic and conservative values that America was built on. We’ve partnered with a direct-to-consumer company that offers over 400 high-quality, sustainable, and effective products delivered straight to your door and Made in the USA!

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